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American Towing & Recovery Institute * Box 007 * Wade, NC * USA * 28395 Phone: (910) 747-9000 Fax: (910)486-8930

Wes Wilburn, Founder of the American Towing & Recovery Institute, of Fayetteville, NC is a contributing writer for Towing & Recovery Footnotes plus many other state association newsletters. He has produced and conducted training and certification programs for leading towing companies, equipment distributors, and towing associations across the United States. Wes has "shared information" as a main speaker for twenty years at over 650 sessions and was recognized as one of America's Greatest Towing Trainers at the Awards ceremony during the Millennium Celebration at the Baltimore Tow Expo. Wes is know for his straight forward but down to earth teaching style.

 American Towing & Recovery Institute promotes safety, education, positive public relations and networking within the professional and business minded Towing & Recovery Industry.

We will provide and promote;

  • Live hands-on traditional towing and recovery education seminars held in every state in the Union on a requested and supported basis.
  • Internet theory sessions and DVD training.
  • Provide certification on different levels as requested by our members, including "Real Towing & Recovery Certification" and "Day-1 Towing Certification"
  • Develop and distribute a series of Public Service Announcements promoting issues of common concerns between the motoring public and the professional towing industry.
  • Exclusive for members; substantial purchase discounts set forth for programs currently set up. If there is an interest, we will move forward with the following programs; health care, diesel fuel & tires. We will need membership numbers & participation to make these programs work.
  • Exclusive member discounts for business consulting, expert witness, recovery bill mediation or review.
  • Networking opportunities between members and outside clients, including supporting other towing companies when a natural disaster or large influx of towing work happens in one area.
  • Developing response teams to help member companies with death-illness- in family situations.
  • Foster multiple toy gathering events with towing companies United States-wide during holidays.
  • Overall purpose is to work on common issues of professional and business minded towing companies, working together as a group to make good common sense and dollar and cents!

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

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2013 Recovery Class Schedule

The American Towing & Recovery Institute

in conjunction with Wes Wilburn Consulting


  • 2 Day Heavy & Medium Duty Sept 14-15, 2013 Danville, VA
  • 1 Day Advanced Light Duty Sept 19, 2013 Chattanooga, TN
  • 2 Day Heavy & Medium Duty Sept 28-29, 2013 Springfield, MO
  • 1 Day Advanced Light Duty Oct 3, 2013 Amarillo, TX
  • 2 Day Heavy & Medium Duty Oct 5-6, 2013 Amarillo, TX
  • 1 Day Advanced Light Duty Oct 10, 2013 San Antonio, TX
  • 2 Day Heavy & Medium Duty Oct 12-13, 2013 San Antonio, TX
  • 1 Day Advanced Light Duty Oct 17, 2013 Corpus Christi, TX
  • 2 Day Level Heavy & Medium Duty Oct 19-20, 2013 Corpus Christi, TX
  • 1 Day Advanced Light Duty Oct 24, 2013 Dallas, TX
  • 2 Day Level Heavy & Medium Duty Oct 26-27, 2013 Dallas, TX
  • 2 Day Light & Medium Duty Nov 2-3, 2013 New Orleans, LA
  • 2 Day Light & Medium Duty Nov 16-17, 2013 Fayetteville, NC


Are you interested in hosting a public class or having a private class at your location? Please call Wes @ 910-747-9000

Each class is filled with some theory and LOTS of hands-on sessions. We will focus on many different aspects of towing & recovery, including quicker safer methods & new ideas from all across North America.


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